Heavy Duty Towing

We are a towing company based in Echo Park, CA. Our heavy-duty tow truck operators take pride in their abilities to solve even the most difficult of problems; they are trained problem solvers who can envision answers even in the face of adversity. They will ensure that your trucks and equipment are carefully cared for and will not leave until the job is completed. We provide a wide range of towing, and roadside assistance services. You lose money when your vehicles break down. For all of your heavy-duty towing and RV towing needs, give us a call.

Heavy Duty Towing in Echo Park

We will tow a bus, motorhome, trailer, or anything else that is too heavy for a standard tow vehicle. Our heavy-duty tow vehicles have hauled big rigs before and can easily meet your towing needs. Our towing technicians are all fully qualified specialists with years of expertise in the field. We make sure they’ve dealt with heavy-duty commercial towing before hiring them. Towing technicians will be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week at Towing Echo Park. So give us a call if you need to use our commercial towing service 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Towing When You Need It

We understand that time is money and that every minute matters when you’re on the clock. We will ensure that every one of our customers receives timely commercial towing in the area. Please inform our phone operators of the location of your commercial vehicle, the type of vehicle it is, and the troubles it is experiencing. They will then alert the driver of a heavy-duty tow truck, who will dispatch the nearest truck available in your area. Our heavy-duty tow truck will arrive in a matter of minutes and will begin pulling your vehicle right away. Call us whenever you need our towing service.

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